Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! These are ten of the tallest people ever to walk the Earth – ten real-life giants. Some of those found on our list are products of tall parents, while others may suffer from genetic disorders, but regardless of case, they should probably duck around ceiling fans.

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10. Morteza Mehrzad
9. Brahim Takioullah
8. Patrick Cotter O’Brien
7. Zeng Jinlian
6. Bernard Coyne
5. Don Koehler
4. Sultan Kosen
3. Vaino Myllyrinne
2. John Rogan
1. Robert Wadlow

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  1. Number 5 sister would have been quite tall for her time if she was 5 9 even now most women only are like five seven that’s the normal height

  2. My height is still fluctuating.. but as a walking lamp post.. it’s hard for me to keep on hitting on pole lines, walls and other people, knocking them back a little

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