We’re truly living in an age of high quality, big budget TV, and it’s inclined to only get better with these anticipated shows of 2020. We’re looking at the most exciting and promising series debuting in 2020, as well as current shows making a highly anticipated return. Please note, we won’t be including series that are in production but haven’t been definitely confirmed for 2020 – so no Lord of the Rings. WatchMojo ranks the most anticipated shows of 2020. What’s your most anticipated show for 2020? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Check your facts WatchMojo: the ERA WAS passed by Congress. It did not become part of the Constitution because it was not ratified by enough states.

  2. I wondered if Bill Shatner ripped off his toupee in a fit of rage when he heard Patrick Stewart was getting his Picard T.V. series and yelled STEWAAAARRRRTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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