Listen, they didn’t have to die. Just like our first list, all of the deaths on this list were totally avoidable. We’re talking about the X-Force in Deadpool 2, Half the Universe in Avengers: Infinity War, Derek’s Roommates in Zoolander, Marvin in Pulp Fiction, and more! So basically, all those dumb deaths that could’ve been avoided if the main characters were just a bit smarter with their actions. Which one made you groan the most?

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  1. Who felt bad while Avengers Endgame moments:
    Ironman, Captain America and Natasha we lost..
    Who is true fan of Avengers here coz damn I can’t forget that moment..
    People were literally crying some even with non stop tears ?…

  2. is that Nicolas cage as the security guard in Austin powers? If so never noticed that before

  3. Thor didn’t go for the head because he was arrogant and wanted Thanos to have enough life left in him so that Thor could brag that he beat him just before delivering the final blow. Besides, I don’t get this whole “why didn’t Thor go for the head?” criticism as if it would’ve mattered. Do people not realise that if Thor had gone for the head and killed Thanos, the Soul stone would’ve just brought Thanos back anyway? We witnessed it firsthand at the end of the first film. Thanos snapped his fingers and after being weakened by Thor’s axe the stones took what little energy he had left and killed him. He went to the realm of the Soul stone – the crimson water world – and then the Soul stone revived him. The stones would not have killed him had Thanos not been injured beforehand as proven by Endgame when Thanos explains that destroying the stones *nearly* killed him. So this whole “going for the head” thing is irrelevant. Dr. Strange obviously knew this as well.

  4. Your argument for number 10 is invalid. Stephen Stange used the time stone to view 14 MILLION different ways of beating Thanos, and only that one worked

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