Top 10 Craziest Star Trek Discovery Theories That Might Be True
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We might discover these theories prove to be correct. For this list, we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Craziest “Star Trek Discovery” Theories That Might Be True. Our list includes, “Sybok Appears”, “Season 2 Will Be ‘The Search for Spock’”, “The Green Spore Will Affect Tilly” and more! Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Craziest Star Trek Discovery Theories That Might Be True.

List Entries and Rank:
10. The Kelvin Timeline Spock Will Appear on ‘Discovery’
9. Captain Pike’s Accident & His Tenure
8. Season 2 Will Be ‘The Search for Spock’
7. Sybok Appears
6. Stamets Will Go Rogue to Find His Lost Love
5. The Green Spore Will Affect Tilly
4. A Familiar ‘Trek’ Face Will Appear
3, 2, 1: ???

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  1. #7 is absolutely, positively WRONG. Sybok will NOT be appearing.

    I don’t get along with my wife’s sister very well, and when I have to deal with her, my wife says “Don’t poke the bear!” Well, the Discovery producers are not going to “poke the bear” by bringing in Sybok. That would piss off the fans for good.

  2. Love Discovery. I loved the original series(as well as the animated series), the next generation, deep space nine …. not so much, voyager was boring, Enterprise was interesting. Discovery is awesome again, and makes me wish they had the technical possibilities already in the 60s.

    Wich would have been if history went on without without Romulans (christians) and the Borg (Muslims) who destroyed so many archives with knowledge wich threw us back 1000 years.

  3. Seeing Micheals behavior ect so far I think she not want to be Captain befor Saru and that she dosent stribe for promotion but stribe for something else

  4. LOL the fact that all you haters are here is so funny ! :0) i agree that discovery is not the best trek but its ok and i hope it will get better. And im a star trek fan from the beginning with reruns of TOS and all the series after TNG being my FAV and liked Enterprise to and DS9 is the only one that i did not see all of it but will someday.

    And i really like the Orville but its new to me because i thougt is was only a comedy parody but i watched season 1 and im up to date now and i have to say that yes its more classic star trek than Discovery. I can clearly see that Seth MacFarlane is a fan of star trek and his show is like an homage with his spin on it and i like the Orville humor even if its a bit strange at times ;0). But instead of bashing on Discovery i consider myself lucky that we have 2 shows that are for star trek fan and for everyone because we’ve been so many years without anything !

    So dont bother with the haters… they’re not real star trek fan because real star trek fans are not haters they are open minded people that are kind and spread kindness and understanding not hate. And like someone you know said : “its just a tv show” so if you dont like it dont watch it and watch something else. ;0)

    And as a Star Trek fan i wont bash on the head of somebody who is trying to give us a new star trek series because if we do it to much nobody in the future will be willing to continue trying to give us new star trek series. I know about CBS thats it is probably more the $$ that they do it but that a bit to be expected. But hopefully constructive criticism will make them see and do better. If not then ill enjoy it for what it is and hope the next series will be better and created by peoples that understand more what star trek is and suppose to be. Like im optimistic with the upcoming Picard series :0)

    Hey im an optimist ! ;0) so someday soon i hope we will have other great star trek series ! :0)
    in the meanwhile im enjoying The Orville and Star Trek Discovery ! :0)

    (sorry if my wording is not perfect but im a french canadian (Quebec))

    Peace everyone ! and Live Long and Proper ! ;0)

  5. Just a hunch, what if the Red Angel is not an Iconian as many people postulate, but even more badass, one of the Preservers. Discuss 😀

  6. No theory it’s TRASH and has nothing to do with real Star Trek. It’s crashing and burning and costing SJW CBS millions. Long live The Orville 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

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