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Star Trek: Discovery is one of the most anticipated new shows of September 2017, so here’s everything you need to know! The show is set years before the original series, Rainn Wilson from The Office plays Harry Mudd, James Frain Plays Spock’s Father, it will feature a new alien race, and more! Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the top 10 Star Trek Discovery Facts.

00:42 #10. The Captain Isn’t the Focus
01:27 #9. Familiar Faces Will Appear In Time
02:13 #8. It’s Set Years Before the Original Series
03:15 #7. Rainn Wilson Plays Harry Mudd
04:10 #6. The Ship Is Based on a 1970s Design
04:55 #5. It’ll Feature a New Alien Race
05:49 #4. James Frain Plays Spock’s Father
06:30 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  1. Still funny that the 150 years before enterprise had touch, but the classic one had levers etc 😀

    and nice – the discovery bottom looks like the star fleet symbol ^^

  2. LOVE Star Trek, and I hope the show is good, but already I see they’re doing what they always do in prequels – adding stuff that didn’t exist before. What happened to this new alien on the crew in TOS, TNG, DS9, and Voyager? If they want to add new stuff, then do a film AFTER the other shows. Then they can play with new stuff all they want.

  3. My ass has more in common with the prime time line from what I have seen. I have been a star trek fan for more then 40 years never missed a show or prime movie I have them all on DVD or blu-ray but I am out on this shit.

  4. CBS all accessssss! why? How will this benefit the show’s popularity? People are hard pressed to spend more on another streaming service. Especially if they already pay for cable, netflix, amazon prime, etc. Subscribing to watch one show? Wow that is pushing it. Should have done season 1 on regular CBS then season 2 on CBS all access. You’d already have a new fan base then….

  5. This series makes Enterprise look amazing and they ruined the klingons. Another prequel and they should let Spock aka Mr Nimoy rip already. I don’t know what is worse…this series or the new star wars trilogy. They could’ve made this new series like DS9 or Voyager but it’s gonna crash n burn hardcore. Can I get my 9 mins and 4 seconds back from watching this train wreck?

  6. That is if there even is going to be a second season let alone a complete first. Star Trek Discovery – going where no Star Trek series has gone before – cancelation after just one season

  7. I’ve never felt so bad for a major corporation. but i guess you have to throw millions of dollars into a hole from time to time. for tax purposes

  8. Star Trek fans are clearly the biggest arseholes on the planet. 40 year old men acting like fucking children in the comments.

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