Companies strive to create an advert that will send their profits through the roof, but what happens when they misjudge their audience and take it one step too far? From the racist skin whitening commerical to the sexually explicit vegan ad, AllTime10s brings you 10 Banned TV Adverts.

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  1. I mean I understand the outrage directed toward that just plain stupid 9/11
    commercial, using a tragedy that still shocks the American people to this
    day. But in regards to the rest…people need to find better things to do
    with their lives than sitting around scanning for the next thing that they
    can be offended by, as if it’s a game, a form of thrill-seeking for these

  2. Those skin care products are just tip of the iceberg. If anyone here is
    from India, Pakistan or Bangladesh remember those “fair and lovely” product
    ads where it shows woman being more successful just because of their white
    skin vs darker skin, it really fed off the mind of a lot of people I knew
    who became insecure about themselves and developed severe personality
    disorders because of it. I really hope they banned those ads.

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