Not doing your homework is a sure fire ways to end up in detention in most schools. But what about saying the word dinosaur, pretending to be Captain America, or having a trendy haircut?

Well, all those things and more can get you in big trouble, so stay tuned for ‘10 Weird Things Banned By Schools’.

What did you think of 10 Weird Things Banned From Schools? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. In my school, you can get hour detentions for – not having your top button
    done, not having a pen, pencil or ruler, having your shirt untucked, being
    1 minute (or a few seconds) late to any class and loads more bullsh!t

  2. wtf kind of flapjacks were those in the video? those werent pancakes that
    was an entirely different food all together lol

  3. As someone severely allergic to scents including perfumes and aerosol
    deodorants Axe is not a weird ban, just because someone wants to coat
    themselves in axe it means that I will be sick for hours.

  4. #3 was such a stupid ideas. Why would you ban a black person coming to a
    white prom. It’s stupid, keep it public to all races. It’s racist.

  5. At my school we aren’t supposed to touch others but I always hug my friends
    and I never get in trouble ?

  6. Number 3 is why the South (at the VERY least Mississippi, though can be
    extended to Alabama and Texas) needs to either secede or be euthanized.

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