Top10 People Whose Old Tweets Came Back to Haunt Them
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Just because you posted a tweet a while ago doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. From Zoella, to Ryan Rolison, to Blake Shelton, these stars put their foot in their mouths… sometimes more than once! WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 People Whose Old Tweets Came Back to Haunt Them.

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#10: Zoella
#9: Ryan Rolison
#8: Blake Shelton
#7: Sean Newcomb
#6: Iggy Azalea
#5: Trevor Noah
#4: Sam Seder
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. Y’all’s skin is too thin…like look at my ugly ass, don’t see me crying about fat and ugly jokes.

  2. Id like the video if the title is top 10 people whose old tweets came back to bite them in the ass😂😂

  3. wait was roseanne really not in the top 10 i mean you could of arguably chose her for number 1 and shes not even in the top 10 Plus how is trump on this list nothing he has tweeted him has huanted him yet so therefore he shouldn’t be on the list. Roseanne legit lost everything and no one really supports her while gunn still has suppoters even his own cast who is willing to walk out if he isin’t hired back the fact that roseanne is not on the list at all let alone number 1 is BS and trump who gets away with everything and never has to face as of this posting any consequences is legit stupid.

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