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There were plenty of Anime hits this summer, and we’ve rounded up the very best of them. We’re not counting shows that were already airing like My Hero Academia, One Piece, or Dragon Ball Super – but anything that started airing during the Summer Season is fair game. Keep an eye out for the likes of Fate/Apocrypha, Made in Abyss, Owarimonogatari, Kakegurui, and Welcome to the Ballroom, in this recommendation video.

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  1. So glad made in abyss made this list. It’s breathtaking, probably my favourite anime of all time ??

  2. Top 5 that’s a joke right this year’s pretty much sucked for anime ,in general since the fall last year the seasonal slot has been so weak.

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  4. Made in Abyss was awesome, but still My Hero Academia was my favourite anime this season. I understand though that it’s technically a 2016 anime, so it doesn’t belong in this list. However I recommend you make a top 10 My Hero Academia moments/battles list sometime

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