These restaurants came with a side of “what the hell just happened?” For this list, we’ll be looking at bizarre, shocking, and at times hilarious incidents that have happened in fast food restaurants around the world. We’re only looking at events that occurred on the premises of the restaurants, so fast food endorsed weddings, for example, won’t be included. Sorry, Burger King couple! Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be looking at ten strange things that have happened at fast food restaurants.

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Top 10 Outrageous Fast Food Items:
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10. Patron Impersonates a Police Officer
9. Burger King Fans Wait HOURS for Free Food
8. Bathing in the Kitchen Sink
7. A Criminal Record Over Free French Fries
6. Horse-Thru
5. An Employee Spots Her Stolen Car in the Drive-Thru
4. Married in Taco Bell

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  1. What about the time an Aussie landed his helicopter in the carpark of McDonalds, ordered food and then took off again…in breach of dozens of CAA regulations.

  2. There were other weird things:

    1. someone brought a dead raccoon into a McDonald’s.
    2. Burger King beat down
    both of those have videos you can watch on youtube.
    I work in a sub shop and one Sunday just before close, I found a squirrel behind the counter with me. That scared the heck out me.

  3. There was a lady in my town who purposefully drove her car through the front door of a Pizza Hut because her order was wrong. Don’t do drugs kids

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