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Top 10 Vsauce Videos
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Hey Vsauce, Mojo here. From “If”, to “Is Anything Real?”, to “What Does Human Taste Like?”, Michael Stevens is asking the hard hitting questions, and we can’t get enough. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Vsauce Videos.

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#10. “If”
#9. “Is Anything Real?”
#8. “What Does Human Taste Like?”
#7. “Travel INSIDE A Black Hole”
#6. “What Color Is A Mirror?”
#5. “What’s the Most Dangerous place on Earth?”
#4. “Why Are Things Creepy”
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. Mirrors are silver in color behind clear sand that’s it. What the light spectrum does to our eyes is what he should’ve explained

  2. Maybe when involving a science based list subject like this, maybe avoid using words like apocalypse. Instead say the end of the world or the extinction of humanity. Apocalypse is a stand in for these but so many people still mean it in the biblical sense. That has no place in a a scientific discussion. It’s the description of a dream a bronze age man had, supposedly, and used it politically against Rome.

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