Top 10 Scary Los Angeles Urban Legends
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Hello and welcome back To Most Amazing Top 10 – I am your host, Rebecca Felgate and today we’re talking about the top 10 Los Angeles Urban Legends. Los Angeles… LA, the city of stars… this is one hot city with loads of creepy stories attached to it!

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  1. Awww I was at disneyland a couple months ago and i saw the fire station and I didn’t see any thing but I wasn’t really looking for anything but now I wish I watched this video before going so I could look and see if I can see the lamp thing

  2. this was kinda cool dam hope ur toe gets better soon..♡and ill actually love to experience this🙈

  3. Please do Top10 Saskatchewan urban legends. I would love to see some from this unmentioned province.

  4. Thank you for doing Los Angeles urban legends! I’ve been a resident of Southern California my whole life so it’s fascinating to hear about the different urban legends surrounding a place that’s very close to home. Do you think you could do a video on just urban legends from California?

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