Top 10 Restaurants Where You Have To Sign a Waiver
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When visiting these fine institutions, you dine at your own risk. From Smoke Eaters, to Pearl Café and SolToro Tequila Grill, get ready for heat and intensity! WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Restaurants Where You Have To Sign a Waiver.

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#10. Smoke Eaters
#9. Pearl Café
#8. SolToro Tequila Grill
#7. East Coast Grill
#6. Bear Grills
#5. Bushido
#4. Chunky’s Burgers
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. My local restaurant serves an extremely spicy burger called ” The Inferno ” it is a 1 pound burger that is topped with Buffalo Wing sauce Jalapenos and Tabasco sauce…No waiver is required (even though there should be one to sign before ordering this ) I took this burger home for supper I took 2 bites and threw the rest in the trash it was that spicy

  2. East Coast Wings and Grill here in TN.
    There’s a wing sauce called Insanity you have to sign a waiver and also wear gloves while eating them, they like the name says insanely hot!!!

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