These are the not-so heroic sacrifices in anime. For this list we’re looking at times people gave their lives for absolutely no reason. an epic fail if you will. Join Todd Haberkorn as he looks at shows like Death Note, Yu Yu Hakusho, Digimon Adventure 02, Sword Art Online Alicization, Naruto Shippuden, Fate/Zero, Fushi Yuugi, KonoSuba, Mobile suit gundam 0080: War in the pocket, The Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai), and more! So you can expect favorite characters like Deidara, BlackWarGreymon, Satou Kazuma, Matt, Yusuke Urameshi, Cardinal, and more to appear along the way!

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  1. To be fair, I don’t thin Matt thought they were gonna kill him. I really think a lot of the characters continuously failed to realize what a huge impact Kira was having on world culture and the minds f the people.

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