How much do we know about the lead character of Netflix’s latest superhero show Iron Fist? Did you know who else was cast as Iron Fist? There are a few of Game of Thrones actors on Iron Fist and even someone from Lord of The Rings. Which characters from other Marvel Netflix shows will appear in Iron Fist? Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the top 10 things you need to know about Marvel’s Iron Fist TV series.

00:32 #10. Iron Fist’s Comic Book Origins
01:05 #9. Iron Fist Wasn’t One of the Original Defenders
01:49 #8. Alternative Casting Rumors
02:40 #7. Luke Cage Connection
03:34 #6. “Game of Thrones” Alumni
04:29 #5. Last Hero to Be Introduced Before “The Defenders”
05:15 #4. Crossover Characters
06:07 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  1. Chloe Bennet just made me dislike her. Fuck everyone talking about them casting Iron Fist as they should have, a white man. Because he’s a fucking white man. STFU.

  2. It’d be awesome to see characters from Agents of SHIELD pop in on the Defenders. Or at least mentioned in that oh so subtle way lol.

  3. I’m so sick of SJWs fucking up my beloved mediums that they don’t even support with their social justice bullshit.

  4. As a Bi-Mex/white, Moderately Liberal who is all open to diversification. I am tired of hearing about the whole whitewashing cultural appropriation bullshit. I’m tired of people saying Iron Fist needs to be Asian for the Sake of Diversity. I want REAL Diversity, not diversity for the sake of diversity. I really think we got to quit making race an issue or it will be an issue. and the problem is that it is now an issue because these sjw decided to make it an issue. the whole sjw mindset has poisoned equality.

  5. I love Iron Fist (Danny Rand) this thing of people complaining that the character is white is just ridiculous; that being said I think that MARVEL has an oportunity to bring Shang Chi into the Mix using the Defenders series. If you dont know who Shang Chi is then go to your comicbook store and pick up a book or two.

  6. White character that benefits from Asian culture. I’ll pass.

    Not gonna sit through another Great Wall or Last Samurai regardless of the source material. Should have made him Asian American.

  7. Anyone who says he should be Asian has no clue what they are talking about. His origin story would make absolutely no sense. If they did make him Asian the same people bitching would cry about him being a stereotype. Just please STFU.

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