These are the incredible Hulk’s best moments in the MCU — and our favorites. He’s big, he’s green, and we love him… but he’s not exactly jolly. While he may not have the best temper, Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk (and also Edward Norton, that one time) has proven to be one of the brightest spots of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, from his fight with Hulkbuster Iron Man in Avengers: Age of Ultron, to reuniting with Thor in Thor: Ragnarok, to becoming Professor Hulk in Avengers: Endgame, we’ll always have a soft spot for the big guy. Not too soft, though, we don’t want him to step on us. What’s your favorite MCU Hulk moment?

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  1. For the first fücking time I completely agree with a watchmojo list!!

    Never thought this day would come!!

  2. First two times I saw the Avengers everyone was laughing so hard at the whole rag doll treatment I didn’t hear the line Puny god. Fist time I heard it was when I watched the DVD.

  3. Professor Hulk is the Worst out of ten

    Transforming into Hulk (Avengers)
    Hulk beating crap out of Loki
    Hulk Snap bringing back everyone (almost not Black Widow)
    Hulk vs Abomination (that was the best)

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