Top 10 Foods You’ll Be Eating In The Future
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The way things are going, we might just have to change the way we eat. For this list, we’re looking at all the strange and interesting innovations in food technology that are in the works right now, as well as some alternatives to popular foods that are poised to become more popular. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Foods of the Future.

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10. Nanofoods
9. SonicallyEnhanced food
8. GMO… Everything
7. Edible Water Bottles
6. Camel Milk
5. Farmed Fish
4. 3D Printed Food

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  1. Well I’m my mind if it gets more food to all the people needing it I’m down with almost anything.

    EDIT: ok I lied screw bugs that’s a big fat nope, I don’t care if I allegedly eat thousands of bug eggs they don’t have visible legs and and go crunch as I eat them.

  2. scene the death of Stan lee ?????☹️ can u plz do a top 10 Stan lee comics to honor his amazing work. Thanks ?rip Stan lee r.i.p

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