Hey Anime fans! Think you know it all? It’s time to find out:

These are some of the greatest one piece scenes of all time! Join Ashley as he counts down Luffy, Sanji, Nami, Chopper and the rest of the gang’s most awesome moments. From Romance Dawn all the way to the Wano arc, we’re counting it all here! So, what’s your favorite One Piece Moment? When The Straw Hats Walk to Arlong Park? When the Straw Hats Burn the World Government’s Flag? How about Whitebeard’s Last Stand? Let us know in the comments below!

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#10. Luffy Punches a Celestial Dragon
#9. Roronoa Zoro’s Sacrifice at Thriller Bark
#8. Luffy Rings the Ox Bell
#7. Luffy Unleashes Gear Fourth on Doflamingo
#6. Luffy Respects Katakuri
#5. Shanks Stops the Battle of Marineford
#4. Blackbeard’s “A Man’s Dream” Speech to Luffy
#3. ???
#2. ???
#1. ???

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    • I just don’t like english dub, the voice is pretty annoying. It’s not like I hate english (I’m Canadian), the voice is too serious all the time. They don’t even have a “relaxing” voice??

      This anime should be a bit funny and serious at some point when its come to Japanese voice. Perfectly balanced right.

      Ahhh screw it. When I hear english dub, i will automatically shut the video down.

    • The trivia list is a good list for anime I haven’t seen. lol. Seen a crap ton of anime, but only 2 of the ten that are on the list.

    • Cool list. Can you do one about the women of one piece? Nami especially. She is so intelligent. XD

  1. Ummm I like the video but I don’t agree with the choices. How is Luffy punching the celestial dragon below the blackbeard speech. Why was luffy punching belimary after the speech not there. The part where luffy pushes the buildings apart where the tidal wave is coming. Any part where Luffy punches the villain of the arc. The times where Luffy is angry are great too. Where he uses kings haki in the kujou pirates. There are sooooo many epic moments in one piece and I don’t think that this does justice to it. Also the dub was very cringy.

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