Top 10 Embarrassing Defeats in Anime
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You can’t win them all…but if you’re going to lose, please have some decorum. For this list we’re looking at times heroes and villains got totally rekt in anime series such as Pokemon, One-Punch Man, One Piece, My Hero Academia, The Seven Deadly Sins (nanatsu no taizai), assassination classroom, medabots, Dragon Ball Z, Re:Zero, Yu Yu Hakusho and more! Expect the likes of Perona, Sonic, and Aoyama to make appearances too.

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10. Should’ve Been Child’s Play
9. Talk Shit, Get Hit
8. Yamcha Does What Yamcha Does Best
7. Setting The Tone For The Rest Of His Career
6. 1Minutes of Shame
5. Nagisa’s Smile
4. Practise What You Preach
3, 2, 1: ???

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  1. This was a pretty good list. Here are some other examples. There are too many from Pokemon to list so I just picked three of my least favorites:
    Sanji losing to Kalifa (he completely lost his reputation as a badass after this fight in my opinion)
    Sugar losing to Usopp (she was hyped up to be super powerful and usopp ends up beating her just by scaring her)
    Ash losing to Cameron in the Unova League (Ash lost despite Cameron only using five pokemon, definitely my least favorite league rival)
    Dawn losing to Iris in the Pokemon World Tournament (Dawn used Mamoswine against Iris’s Dragonite and STILL lost only because the writers made it so that Dragonite could survive multiple ice shards and be able to win by using Dragon rush on an ICE type)
    Tate and Liza losing to Ash (most bullshit gym battle in all of pokemon history)
    Greyroad losing to Merlin (greyroad is hyped up to be unstoppable since nobody can attack it without growing old and dying but when merlin’s turn comes up, the anime drops a bombshell on us and shows that she is unaffected by the curse and defeats greyroad with ease)
    Sugou losing to Kirito (the way Kirito won this fight was so hilariously stupid that I actually feel bad for Sugou since he can never defeat the plot armor)
    As a manga reader, I know of many more examples from Fairy Tail but I’m not gonna spoil it for you anime watchers. You’ll know which ones when you see them.

  2. ok #7 makes me want to strangle you because ash got screwed by the judge since charizard was not koed or anything and ash was allowed one substitution and the judge freaking ignore that, then he was screwed in unova because he went up against an unfair opponent and kalos he still got screwed even though the original title was “kalos league victory” in japan

  3. really ? i mean so many choices …..i mean ussop vs perona is cool…but we talk about embarrassing … least put usopp vs chew …perona made sense at least …

  4. If you wanted to put Dragonball on there then it should’ve been Ninja Murasaki instead of Yamcha losing to Kami

    The whole fight vs Goku was nothing but humiliating stuff.

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