Top 10 Anticipated Releases of September 2018
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With the year winding down, and Oscar movie season fast approaching, we must say goodbye to all of the great blockbusters we got this summer! That’s not to say there’s not a lot to look forward to in the month of September including It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s Season 13, The Nun and Marvel’s Spider-Man!

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List rank and entries:
#10: “American Horror Story” – Season 8
#9: “Night School”
#8: “BoJack Horseman” – Season 5
#7: “Shadow of the Tomb Raider”
#6: “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” – Season 13
#5: “The Predator”
#4: “Manifest” – Season 1
#3, #2 & #1: ?

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  1. What’s the thing with Kevin Hart, he’s the most unfunniest comedian yet still he comes with a 2 or 3 movies every year, what’s his lucky charm

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