Top 10 Anime That Are So Bad They’re Good
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No matter how terrible they are, we can’t bring ourselves to hate them. Join Ashley as he counts down some of the shows that are bad (sometimes intentionally bad) but as a result are freaking awesome. Call them guilty pleasures, hate on their bad voice acting and terrible animation, or laugh at how the dub companies decided to make them comedy anime – just check this list out! Which of these shows do you love? Let us know in the comments below.

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#10. “Big Order” (2016)
#9. “Angel Cop” (1989-94)
#8. “Manyuu Hikenchou” (2011)
#7. “Duel Masters” (2002-11)
#6. “Garzey’s Wing” (1996)
#5. “Ninja Slayer From Animation” (2015)
#4. “Cross Ange” (2014-15)
#3. “My Sister, My Writer” (2018)
#2. “Musashi Gundoh” (2006)
#1. “Ghost Stories” (2000-01)

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  1. Ange cross is not that bad of anime it had some good ideas like the dragon are actually human and the main character is pretty good going for bratty princess to awesome pilot. It just some of the questions stuff like the pilot suits and the lesbian scenes that holds it back but it my guilty pleasure is see

  2. I dont really understand why everybody considers Ghost Stories trash. I watched it as a kid and I remember it entertaining because of all the ghosts Ive never heard of. Also thank god I was watching it subtitled bc from what Ive heard and seen the dubbed version really makes the show trashy. Maybe I sould watch that series again if I can.

  3. WatchMojo: Don’t have anime to put on the list? Just slap some pre-2000 anime there knowing hardly anyone has watched them knowing that the dawn of anime is going to be filled with shit ones.

  4. Hold my tea, I don’t think you understand the level of hatred I have for Cross Ange or how pissed I am that toy reminded me that it exists

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