Top Songs June, 2018
New Songs June 30, 2018
Best Songs June, 2018

Check out the amazing new song from Alejandro Reyes:

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Best Songs of the Week:

Cheat Codes, Little Mix – Only You (Lyric Video)
The Knocks – Ride Or Die (feat. Foster The People) [Official Music Video]
Rudimental & Major Lazer – Let Me Live (feat. Anne-Marie & Mr. Eazi) (Official Lyric Video)
Jason Aldean – Drowns the Whiskey ft. Miranda Lambert
Panic! At The Disco: King Of The Clouds (Audio)
Betty Who – Just Thought You Should Know (Official Audio)


  1. 1. Don’t know what has happened to Meghan but her music is starting to grow on me. Least the newer songs that is. This sounds cute and fun for a bubblegum pop sound.
    2. This sounds okay, minimal beat and the lyrics are generic I want you pop song lyrics. The one little beat that’s basically the drum of the song keeps it flowing okay though. It’s harmless and passable.
    3.I don’t know who this is but her music sounds like it’s confused on what it wants to be tonally. Especially when it comes to the vocals. It goes from regular to really high then back and it’s very jarring for me. The music itaelf is another generic pop beat. Below aberage song.
    4. The only thing saving this song is Robin’s smooth vocals. Otherwise I would’ve passed it off as another generic track. Robin’s good but the rest is meh.
    5. Am I the only one who’s hearing Scars to Your Beautiful? Sounds very similar, other than that I always have liked Alessia. Her voice sounds good here and the drums again keep the track flowing nicely. A solid song here.
    6. I hear Maroon 5 the bootleg band when I hear this. Nothing special here except maybe the video which is actually pretty funny watching them clean the car in Pulp Fiction.
    7. This sounds okay but Folly Rae stands out here and she sounds great. I’ll definitely be checking her out more to see if she has any other interesting songs. This is just kinda boring with the exception of Folly.
    8. I like Major Lazer but this beat is annoying. I was never a fan of the weird distorted synth sounds and it’s a dance song so lyrically it doesn’t amount to much. Sorry but this song sucks.
    9. I really dig this beat. It’s calm and smooth and kinda refreshing. Although it gets ruined by Aguilera. Average song.
    10. Chris Brown sucks again moving on.
    11. Lil Xan sounds bad on this and Charli sounds bored. Beat sounds bored this song is boring moving on.
    12. This song sounds great! The production sounds awesome with the horns and drums with that jazz vibe to it! Vocals by Brendon sound awesome as always, great song!
    13. I like this one. It’s got a nice summer chill vibe to it that I can see myself just sitting on my porch this summer listening to while I relax.
    14. Generic rap/trap type song. Moving on now.
    15.I really like this one! The minimal production works well with the song and tone. Amy sounds pretty good too. Nice surprisingly decent song.
    16. This sounds a bit weird and I don’t know why but I kinda like it. Weird lyrics and kinda generic but hey the production is nice and fits with summer so I’ll take it.
    17. G-Eazy is an average rapper and these songs aren’t helping his case. Also fuck you, you don’t get to sample drop it like it’s hot.
    18. Am I the only one who thinks this sounds way more pretentious than anything? Yeah Demi you have a great voice and stuff but plenty people sing about this topic and you make it seem way more important than it is. I’ll give her some credit no one in the pop business sings about this so I guess good on her for tackling an issue in a pop song.
    19. This beat is annoying and Ari’s voice is annoying. Such a dissapointment after No Tears Left to Cry.
    20. I like cheat codes but damn this is annoying how it takes over the song with that blarring sound on the chorus. No thank you.

  2. I think 5e one by Folly Rae is actually called You Don’t Love Me. I look3d it up in spotify

  3. every Betty Who song is such a bop , i don’t understand why she is underrated, she deserves so much better

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