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These tiny details may have been completely missed by most audience members, but seeing them will shock you and reveal so much about your favourite movies! WatchMojo presents our second list for the Top 10 Amazing Small Details Most People Didn’t Catch in Movies! But what details didn’t you see? The foreshadowing Xs hidden throughout “The Departed”, the hidden Tyler Durden frames spliced into “Fight Club”, or the truth behind Hannibal Lecter’s medication? Watch to find out!

#10. Zero Gravity Toilet Instructions from “2001: A Space Odyssey” (1968)
#9. Valak’s Name from “The Conjuring 2” (2016)
#8. Rorschach Unmasked from “Watchmen” (2009)
#7. Czech Soldiers from “Saving Private Ryan” (1998)
#6. The Ring from “Inception” (2010)
#5. Window to Nowhere from “The Shining” (1980)
#4. Deadly Oranges from “The Godfather” (1972)
#3, #2, #1 ?

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    • Same here, I was wondering why the hell it appeared all over their house. I could understand a demon telling someone it’s targeting them, but giving away it’s name like that was just fucking bizarre to me.

      I actually enjoy The Conjuring movies, absolutely love the introduction shots where the camera has one long panning move throughout the home with the characters. God-damned beautiful work.

  1. Thanks watch mojo you saved me the time bc my first thought was to re watch the end of inception to look at his ring finger.

  2. If no videos existed explaining this kind of subliminal stuff, I’d never notice it. I’m as dumb as the day is long…

  3. I thought about the “X”s in The Departed were similar to Scarface (1932). Im glad he took inspiration for such a great film

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