We all love a cheeky trip to McDonalds, Burger King or KFC, but what would you do if you pulled up to the drive-thru, and these crazy things were on the menu? These are 10 OUTRAGEOUS Fast Food Items That You Won’t Believe Actually Exist!

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  1. The pork floss donut is actually good. The only reason it seems weird is cause of the cultures. Americans will never accept it because well their palettes are garbage. Outside of burgers and fries what exactly have they done culinary wise? Fast food chains or even kit kat, are done better outside their country.

  2. I’m planning on divorcing my wife cause the bitch said she don’t like pineapple on pizza

  3. 5:50
    That’s a really stupid question.
    Maybe it’s because people want variety?
    It’s like asking…
    KFC is a chicken restaurant! Why are they making fries?
    Macdonalds is a burger restaurant! Why are they making chicken nuggets?
    Tim Horton’s is a Coffee shop, why are they making hash-browns?

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