Zack Snyder Was FIRED from Directing Justice League – The CineFiles Ep. 59
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This edition of The CineFiles reports on a number of controversial stories. Kicking things off is Quentin Tarantino, who continues to make headlines in negative ways. Sony, who is producing his next movie, is reportedly thinking of selling the rights to the movie amidst all the bad press Tarantino is receiving due to his actions with Uma Thurman on Kill Bill, and his comments about Roman Polanski. Alex Garland’s new film, Annihilation is receiving amazing reviews, but is being criticized for the whitewashing of the lead character. And Zack Snyder, who reportedly stepped down from directing Justice League was actually fired by Warner Bros. So sit back, relax and enjoy this instalment of The CineFiles, where we count down to week’s biggest news in cinema!

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  1. Yeah- unfortunately Snyder did not get to release his version of Justice League and making matters worse was in getting that gutted/butchered version.

    “Unwatchable” is such vague terminology. If I were a studio executive and wanted to sway public opinion away from an alternate cut of a movie- I’d release a statement saying that said version was “unwatchable”.


  2. “Zach Snyder was actually fired from ?Justice League” wow what a bombshell. Nobody ever would have guessed… next you’ll be trying to shock us with news that Donald Trump used to have sex with Playboy Playmates and Supermodels…

  3. Hopeful they will bring someone better on to direct the rest of the movies. Just get somebody to write the wrongs that idiot did.

  4. I am a DC fan. But Zack Snyder ruined all the DC movie he directed. I watched Justice League last night. And I can say it’s beyond boring, before it even started, I wanted it to end.

  5. Annihilation criticism:

    I’m half Hispanic and don’t care. I would rather see American actors in my Hollywood based movies because I’m from here. If I lived and was from China then I would probably want a Chinese actor to play in a Chinese produced film. Now don’t get me wrong, if it was a Zorro movie, then yes, please use someone that is of Spanish decent because the plot calls for it. Annihilation doesn’t require a foreign actor because the plot does not call for it.

  6. Im a big dc fan but im not blind. I know the movies are shit and its synders fault along with WB. Shows are great, video games are great, animated shows and movies are great, but the movies suck. Marvel knows how to work on the big screen and a bit of the small screen but thats my opinion. Marvel is king in movies and DC should just reboot.

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