X-Men’s Bryan Singer Sued for the Sexual Assault of a Minor – The CineFiles Ep. 50
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This week’s episode of The CineFiles has some great news and some really bad news. Disney is nearing a deal to purchase 21st Century Fox, which would put hot properties Fantastic 4 and the X-Men franchise under Disney’s control. Quentin Tarantino and J.J. Abrams are set to create a brand new Star-Trek movie that is to be rated-R! Tarantino might direct and Abrams would produce. And finally, the wave of sexual assault allegations continue, with Bryan Singer being accused of sexual assault against a then 17-year-old minor. Enjoy this week’s instalment of The CineFiles, where we count down to week’s biggest news in cinema.

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  1. You shouldn’t make news videos if you can’t even report the facts accurately. Fox is NOT looking to sell off their news or sports divisions and they also do NOT own the rights to X-men or Fantastic 4; they simply have the license to make and distribute on-screen adaptations featuring these characters. This is an important distinction because it means that Fox cannot sell these rights to another studio, so even if it’s Universal who buys what they’re selling the rights for X-Men and Fantastic 4 would automatically revert back to Marvel and Disney anyway.

  2. How is the singer thing news. There were rumors of his pedifilia before he directed the original xmen. Smh

  3. i bet its not true.. every one and their brother that wants attention has been recently claiming harassment.. people just want attention

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