World’s Tallest Man
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10.German born Pauline Marie Elizabeth Wehde also known as Marrianne Wehde was born in January 1866. She began touring in England, France and Ireland at age 16. In 1882, she was advertised as the soon-to-be bride of Joseph Drasal— a seven-foot-tall man
9. Maria Fassnauer also known as the “Giantess of Tirol” was born to a family of farmers in Germany.At fifteen years old, Fassnauer was already over six-foot-tall and had several offers to work for travelling circushe finally retired in 1913. Fassnauer lived with her parents until her death in 1917, she was only 38.
8. Ella Kate Ewing from Missouri was considered the tallest American woman during her lifetime, and was often referred as “The Missouri Giantess”.she was already 6 feet 10 inches tall, towering over most children of her age, even her parents and other adults. Ewing worked at circuses and side shows and was famously introduced as the “Earth’s Tallest Woman”the Guinness Book of Records has stated she measured 7 feet 4 and a half inches tall. Ewing died of pneumonia in January 1913, at the age of forty.
7. Anna Haining Swan was born to Scottish immigrants in Canada in 1846. She was over four feet at the age of four and was over six feet by the time she was ten. By the time she was 16, she was measured 7’5.5″ tall. She found love with Martin Van Buren Bates — another enormously tall person, she met while visiting a circus in Halifax, the couple married in 1871. Anna gave birth to two children, the first was a girl born in May 1872 and the second child in 1879,He was the largest newborn ever recorded, at nearly 24 pounds and 30 inches tall and each of his feet was six inches long. Swan herself died from heart failure in 1888 at age 42.
6. According to a newspaper article, Carolina Rascón and her twin sister Simona were born in 1917 in Chihuahua Mexico. She grew to be 7’5.5″ tall, and was said to be the world’s tallest woman at the time.
5. Delores Pullard was born to normal-sized parents in Louisiana, her father Clarence was 5’9″ and her mother was 5’11”. Pullard’s height was often mistakenly reported as 8’2″, but she was 7 feet 5.5 inches according to the website She died at the age of 24 in 1971
4. the age of 22 to remove the tumor affecting her growth. The procedure remedied her abnormal growth and hindered further complications associated with gigantism. According to the Indianapolis Star, Allen died in the summer of 2008 from renal failure.
3. Yao Defen was born to a poor family of farmers in China in 1972. When she was eleven years old she was about 6’2″ tall and by the age of fifteen she was 6’9″ tall.Defen was one of the tallest women, as recognized by Guinness World Records, she stood at 7’8″ in height and was the tallest living woman in her time until her death in 2012.
2. Jane Bunford was born in Birmingham in the U.K. on July 26, 1895. She was also the tallest person recorded in Britain and was the tallest woman in world medical history at the time of her death in 1922.
1. Zeng Jinlian was born in China in 1964, she was the tallest woman ever verified in medical history, taking over Jane Bunford’s record. Zeng is also the only woman counted among the 16 people who have reached verified heights of eight feet or more. Jinlian was the tallest person in the world, at the time of her death at the age of 17.
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  1. you forgot Trijntje Keever (NICKNAME: BIG GIRL) from the Netherlands. she lived from 1616 til 1633. she was 8 foot 3 inches!!!

  2. at 0:52 is Deloris Pullard she is my cousin my on my Dad’s side all of our last names where messed up my grandfather has past away to tell the story of he and others in the family where illiterate they could not read nor right Delores and I People are originally supposed to Poullard it is a French name we have Creole mostly French in us as our people names where messed up along the line under Pullard and Pollard there was also a hotel some where named Pollard I believe in Paris my grandmother said she had pictures of it, my grandmother past last year made it to 99 but my grandfather who was like her frist or second cousin past when I was a teenager I live to only make it 6ft tall and even though I take on my mother’s features if you was to see me I look like Dolores when you look at me you can tell we are kin some in the family has changed there name in generations some kept old name we where always called the Poullard girls no matter how they missed spelled our names.i was excited to see my cousin in the top ten tallest woman she made history

  3. The tallest whoman in history was the Dutch girl Trijntje Keever she was about 8’4 ft tall (2.54m) she comes from the same land as me The Nethelands!

  4. One thing I always wanted to know. If they were able to conceive. Would they carry their children longer than 9 months.

    • it would take nine months. the mother’s height is not a factor when gigantism is involved. the baby’s size when fully grown would probably be around either the fathers or grand parents height.

  5. No 1 was a shocker….. !! I know for a fact that they’re in constant pain in their bones and joints. A girl in my class had to leave school in 8th grade as her pain and movement between classes became too much for her, l learned years later she died, she was only 16y…. !!!

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