We live in a strange world, one where, in the span of hours, you may see headlines for a grave misunderstanding, a terrible secret, and a strange personal accomplishment. These are the stories that we’ve gathered for you on tonight’s episode of Fact… or Fiction?

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Four Lions Save Girl From Kidnappers – Fact or Fiction?

Man Eats Own Amputated Foot With Friends


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  1. I got numbers 2 and 3 right and 1 wrong. It seemed plausible that a clown shooting could have happened, but then again I wasn’t very active with the news in 2016.

  2. 11,000 in a year.
    There’s 365 days a year, movies average around 2.5 hours.
    So that’s 3.01 movies a day. So, about 7.5 hours of movie. Fully doable. So not that impressive really. Someone dedicated to breaking the record could do it easy

  3. im sure she counts tv episode as movies, im sure she has every tv subscriptions out there and binge all the fucking tv shows too

  4. With all the streaming services it’s very possible. I watch at least four movies a night relaxing after work.

  5. My favorite series 💗 been having the worse day this brightens up my day thank you #Top10Archive

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