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hat if Drew Bledsoe was never injured in 2001? Would Tom Brady have become the quarterback he is today? What other course of events from football history would have been changed?

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  1. The dude on the left is foolish. The entire world looks at Brady as the goat. Payton is known as regular season stat stuffer, who becomes a puddle of PISS in the playoffs. Brady’s patience, accuracy, awareness, and knowledge is just as good if not better than Payton’s. However Brady’s clutch factor is better than any player who has ever lived. Google Brady’s postseason numbers vs Payton. Especially super bowl games. Manning’s Quarterback rating is laughably in the 70’s. Not to mention 5 beats 2 bitch.💍

    • People with a brain view Manning as the GOAT. Dont bring team accomplishments into a debate in individual players. You’re a joke.

  2. what if kate upton was a 18 year old virgin—what if she decided to be a hooker– what if i was her first customer
    in other words stop dealing with the fantasy world of what iffing and just deal with reality

  3. Montana destroys Brady. Montana did more in less time 4 in 9 years. Brady needed 14 years to get 4. Like W T F ????

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