Season 4 of Rick and Morty better answer some of these unanswered questions because we’ve been waiting to long for them to remain unknown. Welcome to Watchmojo, and today we’re exploring some of the most pressing questions from Rick and Morty. For example, What Is Evil Morty’s Plan? What happened to Birdperson? Is Beth a Clone? Did we miss any important plot questions to discuss? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Fun fact about the plumbus ; my auntie is an animator and made the plumbus and plumbus assembly line and she designed it after a dildo she seen while she lived in Japan and it’s meant to be used as an all around house tool in alien worlds from a hair brush to a tooth brush

  2. Ricky and Mort
    Alternate Universe
    Battlestar Galatica

    Dwight Schrute joined the chat.

  3. Man i love rick and Morty it is awesome its hand down the best cartoon out there adult swim big time it rocks a lot and i can’t wait to see season 4 back on tv this year

  4. I think evil morty plan is he’s gonna take over all of the other dimensions since he controls the Ricks and travel to different places

  5. Yes Beth is a clone, she’s going to die next season or the following just to have the real one come back more rick like and actually happy.

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