Troy Baker REACTS To His Own Top 10 List. Ft. Nolan North
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Special Thanks to Retro Replay for making this collaboration possible. You can find Troy Baker & Nolan North here:

Check out our original Top 10 List on Troy Baker’s Performances Here:

P.S. It was before

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  1. If you haven’t checked out Retro Replay, you should. It’s a great channel.

  2. “Oh, hey! It’s Kevi-…. oh. ._. Oh. We should… probably.. skip to the next one… ._.”

  3. Where is Tales from the Borderlands? Nolan was here too. (Sorry for my bad english)

  4. Troy Baker your an awesome dude who became iconic in our pop culture, Watchmojo just has only listened through their own website instead of listening to fans pages that are legit. Sure there are some lists i agree with, others disagree just by an entry placement, but to me this list doesnt do you justice and you deserve more respect. Thank you for amazing performances and watchmojo: Step. Up. Your. List.

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