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Ever wonder how long will humans last on Earth? Are we destroying ourselves? From experimental technologies, to geoengineering, to biological warfare, human annihilation may be inevitable. WatchMojo counts down ten ways humans may cause their own extinction.

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#10: Lack of Resources
#9: Experimental Technologies
#8: Geoengineering
#7: Food Shortages
#6: Overpopulation
#5: Air Pollution
#4: Biological Warfare
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. Our planet is constantly being destroyed and its only going to get worse as the population continues to increase. I am one person who would love to stop over population to save Earth but its sad we may not have much of a future.

  2. You do not notice how we
    Are gifted just for being humans
    We are absolute predators we do not even have any enemies maybe theres a animal watching us thinking that one day we will beat them down.

  3. Is it just me because every time I watch these type of videos artificial intelligence is always on the list

  4. A lot of these issues can be solved by colonizing mars and other planets, also new tech can help solve a lot of these issues as well, so I am not worried

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