Top 8 Biggest Tech Flops of 2018 – GearUP^

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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times – tech in 2018 had its share of ups and downs, and so as the year comes to a close, WatchMojo of course will show you the coolest gadgets and gear, but we also need to look at the biggest tech flops, whether it’s a product, a company, a personality or a technology.

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  1. The whole market got stomped into the ground since October. All these companies getting slammed for “losing X value” need to see the bigger picture in that we’re probably going into recession in 2019…

  2. This list is terribly researched, it’s like having a bucket full of ice with a layer of water on top and saying “wow the whole thing melted”. Complete lack of understanding of how all of the listed things relate to tech or even if they were successful or not

  3. logan paul didn’t even invent a thing that flopped anyway! and another thing, why the F*** would youtube go and do their own version of Spotify? i’ve seen more ads of this flop than good reviews of it.

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