Top 7 Tech Items You Should ONLY Buy Online – Gear Up^
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Of course you can walk into a big electronics store and buy whatever you want, but take it from tech experts, there are some items that you definitely should only shop for online. Online shopping is becoming easier and easier, you can compare prices really quickly, read reviews and overall simply have way more options. When you go into an electronics store, all the items on the shelves are carefully chosen to push you towards what the store wants you to buy, not what you SHOULD buy. So join Marc Saltzman as we take a look at what items you need to buy online.

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  1. What about computers, specifically laptops for college? Is it recommended to buy online when there are HUGE discounts, or buy in store when you can actually use the different laptops available?

  2. that 512gb sd card for $16 you bought is quite likely a fake, more like 8gb or 16gb with overwritten capacity information. try running a capacity verification test on it like h2testw.exe

  3. MOJO…how the MIGHTY have fallen!!! say at the end of your videos “do you agree with our picks?” Can’t do that now. It’s not your plcks. MOJO is a SHILL for Amazon! Can’t mojo make enough from the ads being sold? NO!1 it’s now a big commercial for amazon. Amazon now tells you what videos to make!! Not your opinion now! Shame. Shame on you sold your name and reputation to amazon. Was it worth the money to sell your integerty and name?

  4. From my experience buying movies and games online have little difference in price.

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