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Top 5 Ways People Get Wrongly Convicted
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Not everyone sentenced to do time did the crime. For this list, we’ll be examining some of the leading causes of wrongful convictions. Though we’ll be focusing on the U.S. justice system, many of these issues apply around the world. WatchMojo counts down the Top 5 Ways People Get Wrongfully Convicted.

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  1. TOP way any man gets thrown in prison is to do ANYTHING, good or bad, that even remotely involves a woman. Doesn’t matter if he is six or one hundred and six.

  2. No1 crime committed in USA is possession of drugs by black men because the police go around black neighbourhoods checking people for possession of weed to lock them up
    If they went around the white neighbourhoods they’d find people with weed too and then they put them in a jail amongst murderers and psychopaths because they had a drug on them that is less harmful than cigarettes
    And the war on drugs doing this has arrested so many people on this offence America has run out of jail space so the government ask millionaires to make privately owned prisons to basically give them slaves

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