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iPhone, Galaxy and Pixel– you’d think there were only three major players when it comes to smartphones –but this is far from the truth. Oh sure, there are some great devices out there such as the iPhone Xs Max, the Galaxy Note9 and Google’s own Pixel phones, but there are some extraordinary alternatives, too, which you may not even know about. Mark Saltzman brings you the Top 5 Underrated Smartphones!
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  1. Tech enthusiasts knew all of these phones. I wouldn’t say these phones are underrated period, most just underrated in the US. For the iPhone XR, the only reason people are not talking about it is because Apple isn’t marketing it yet, as it is not on shelves at this time. Would have loved to see real underrated phones on this list, mabye some from Nokia, Sony or Lenovo…

  2. Love my Asus Zenfone 2, and am saving up for the Zenfone 5. Not “officially” available in my country (Australia) but a couple of online retailers stock it. Definitely a good phone. Avoid the 4 though.

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