Top 5 Trippy Facts About Shrooms

NOTE: The following and information and theories are presented for educational and entertainment purposes only. WatchMojo does not endorse illicit drug use.

There are a lot of wacky theories out there about magic mushrooms (aka shrooms or psilocybe mushrooms). Were they sent here from outer space? Did they inspire Christmas? Even the stuff that we kinda, sorta know about them is pretty crazy: could they hold the cure from some mental illnesses? Were they being used thousands of years ago? Watch this episode of Top 5 Facts so you don’t have to go find out for yourself!

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  1. I once took lsd in a field and spent half an hour staring at my friends
    sick thinking it was a slice of pizza, 8/10

  2. ego death is fucked but what is more fucked is realising how pointless it
    all is and how much shit we construct around us to keep us grounded in
    reality. I felt like I got a look outside the lamp and I was being told
    what my reality actually was, but I could only scream to be put back into
    my prison. my trip was so hard I thought I was flicking through multiple
    realities till I sound mine.

  3. I think it is nice to bring things like shrooms to the mainstream. There is
    nothing dangerous about shrooms. The only casualties with shrooms are
    things like self harm, but that also means the person in question was not
    right minded for shrooms. You are your own worst enemy. If you think about
    eating them, please educate yourself about things like dosage, set and
    This video has some nice facts, but has entertainment in mind. The video
    about the ritual in Ecuador is not with shrooms, but with ayahuasca.
    Have a nice day ;)

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