Top 5 Times Eminem Just Stopped Caring
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That’s an AWFULLY hot coffee pot! Welcome to and today we’ll be taking a look at the 5 times Eminem didn’t give a crap! From being arrested twice in two days, and tossing shade at his own mother, to missing 8 Mile’s win at the Academy Awards, Slim Shady has run out of F’s to give. Are there any moments we missed? let us know in the comments!


#5: Two Arrests in Two Days
#4: “Kim”
#3, #2 & #1: ?

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  1. Frankly I hate saying it but he’s lost his touch what ever album bezerk was on was his last semi decent album that trump freestyle sucked I don’t support trump but the shit he spit was dumb they weren’t facts along with his most recent album but the joe did was fire that shit went hard people just need to go at him if we want the good em back not this crappy em we got we don’t need druggy em as dope as he was but new em sucks

  2. Idk if I’d say he “stopping caring” about her, like his last album had multiple songs about his relationship with her.

  3. Lol! Even if you hate trump, how can you say that his trump rap wasn’t cringe?

  4. Oh shit. I just realised in the Stan video when Em is on the train, the lights flashing outside shows Stan in the reflection. Fucking genius.

  5. “Kim” didnt go down like that, get someone who knows the songs/artist next time.

  6. I don’t care what half of the people on this video think, eminem is GOAT. I love how winey all the trump sheep get when a rapper that they don’t have to listen to criticizes PERHAPS the most criticizable man in recent years, and proceed to go onto videos and comment how much they hate eminem because of him drawing a line. Good thing for you, he said it himself, he doesn’t want you listening to his music.

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