Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Yu-Gi-Oh!
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Everyone loves this anime series turned card game, but here’s some little known facts you might’ve missed. We’re asking questions like; who was Seto Kaiba based on? Did Yugi vs Joey happen in the manga? What happened with 4Kids Entertainment? Did Konami make the first Yugioh trading card game? Is Atem the true king of games? and many more!.
So if you’re looking to learn more about this awesome franchise, be sure to check out the whole video!

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  1. Number 1 makes sense, for example: before it was banned, cyber jars effect applied to both players which both players must summon all level 4 or lower monsters on the field. Another example is Jinzo, while it’s true that it negates traps, it does for both players not just the opponent and amplifier doesn’t increase jinzo’s attack strength,it just negates The other players traps.

  2. I genuinely hate the anime for how much stuff was changed from the source material. I’m not just referring to the changes 4kids made, either. Even in the japanese version, there was just so much crap changed from the original manga just to sell the damn cards. I would legitimately love it if they did a new anime that more closely followed the manga, similar to what was done with DBZ Kai or Sailor Moon Crystal.

  3. I already knew 5, 3, and 1. Number 3 in particular i remember laughing my ass off when it happened. Big time schadenfreude.

  4. … probably a bigger #1 would have been that Dark Yugi, Atem, Pharaoh, Sexy Ghost Clone guy pretty much cheated the whole series. It turned out while “Heart of the Cards” was a saying for everyone else, it was revealed in the last episode or two that Yugi could pretty much pull whatever card, within reason, he needed if he willed it.

    Cause seriously the game didn’t even exist during the early parts of the series so and most of the cards didn’t exist at the time of the show, were different in the manga but too significant in the moment to replace or remove or just to OP/Made no sense so they changed it when the official one was release.

    Also #6 Screw the rules is from the Abridged series…. Its okay I honestly remember more of DBZ from the abridged series now a days then the actual show.

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