Top 5 Things We Want to See in Halloween (2018)
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While we already know that all of the Halloween sequels are off limits in this new installment, we cant help but wonder where this revolutionary franchise is going. Based on the brand new trailer, we cant wait to see an aged Michael Myers go to war with Laurie Strode. What does this new movie bring to the table? We cant help but speculate.

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List rank and entries:
#5: Easter Eggs
#4: A Return to Minimalism
#3, #2 & #1: ?

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  1. The thing I’m looking forward to is minimalism and a return to more psychological horror. Halloween (1978) is an almost bloodless movie that didn’t need gore to work as an effective horror film (that was a big mistake of the Rob Zombie movies). I hope there is not a reliance on cheap jump scares. They are the WORST thing of today’s horror films and most audiences are too stupid to realize how cheap it is. It’s not scary and it’s the laziest attempt to try to get a reaction. Given that it’s a Blumhouse movie, I hope it won’t pander to bottom-of-the-barrel, idiot moviegoers. I suppose we’ll see.

  2. There are easter eggs from all the sequels throughout the trailer so clearly it will be included in the film

  3. “We don’t wanna see his face.”
    But we saw his face in the original, more than once if you pay close attention.

  4. Since Nick Castle is returning as the shape, I really wished they would have Tony Moran return and reveal his face one more time like the original.

  5. I knew WMJ would say something stupid. Keep the original score exactly the way it is. No modernization bullshit.

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