Top 5 Things to Know Before Buying a Drone (2018)
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They’re one of the hottest gadgets today, but there’s also a lot of confusion about what to look for when buying one. With so many on the market, how do you choose which one is right for you? Here are a few things to consider before picking a drone that suits your needs and budget.

#1: Price
#2: The Camera
#3: Good Controls
#4: Battery Life
#5: Automation and more

Are you always on the lookout for genius gadgets? Do you always need the latest technology? Do you like telling your friends about smart gadgets they’ve never heard of? Whether you want the latest in wearable tech and tablets, to turn your television into a gaming hub, to keep an eye on your pets, or need help on how to potty-train your toddler, we’ve got you covered! WatchMojo teams up with tech-spert Marc Saltzman to count down five awesome gadgets you’ve never seen before (but probably wish you had).

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  1. watchmojo did their homework…lol don’t forget.. skimp out and pay the price 🤣 start off small, just because you a ” sik ass foo on da hustle and grind yuz can afford it” doesn’t mean you’re flying skills are ” tight”, and also I’ve heard this one a million times… NOO racing drones are not easy to fly, yea, you flew a phantom 4 but racing drones don’t self level, the minute you spend $1000 on a kit you need to spend time engineering, setting up on computer, fly and tune the damn thing can be lost or destroyed in less than an instant . AND STOP CALLING IT VIRTUAL REALITY, its not, its FPV ( first person view)

  2. The #1 thing to know is that building your own high performance freestyle acrobatic fpv drone is way more fun than anything you can buy. 😉

  3. Something to note, some cities require some sort of permit to fly certain kinds of drones though I don’t know how strictly they’re enforced.

  4. Hi, the drone of gesture controlled – DTing is now launched on Indiegogo. We reserved a limited early bird perk ($56, 44% off) for you! Order here:

  5. Good tips, just stay away from the window of that good looking neighbor of yours or else you and your drone will be up Shits Creek!
    That is one of my helpful tips for all of you!!

  6. This guys voice is a little bit less boring and better compared to the iPhone X vs Note 8 video

    • Funny thing is, if you see someone flying a drone under or near the flight path from an airport, and go online to listen to the ATC, you’ll hear them talking about UFO’s with the pilots.

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