Top 5 Things from Black Mirror that Came True
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Life imitating art, or art imitating life? From hashtag targeting, to cyber sextortion, to recording implants, Black Mirror predicted some pretty terrifying technologies and plotlines. WatchMojo counts down 5 things from Black Mirror that came true.

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  1. I want to see a black mirror episode where the Society is separated on how to pronounce gif

  2. Here’s my rankings of the Black Mirror Season 4 episodes:

    6. Metalhead (Didn’t feel like a Black Mirror episode at all, but more like a low budget horror film)
    5. Black Museum (The 2nd and 3rd stories were interesting and I like how they tied together, but the 1st story was just unsettling and seemed inconsequential to bring up)
    4. Crocodile (Got off to rocky start which seemed to retread “I Know What You Did Last Summer” but as the episode progressed it became very suspenseful and tragic at the same time)
    3. Arkangel (Jodie Foster did a great job at directing this episode, I thought its pacing was a bit scattered but it certainly was a very impactful story on the Big Brother approach to parenting)
    2. Hang the DJ (What really sells this episode was the chemistry between the two lead characters, they worked so well together to the point you could buy that they would be in an actual relationship.)
    1. USS Callister (Hands down one of the most terrifying villains I’ve seen in a long time, complete with some great performances and it touches on some really disturbing subject matter, plus the fact that it was set around a theme of a Star Trek inspired TV show was just the icing on the cake. If anything my only criticism is that I wanted to know what happened next, which is honestly the best sort of criticism you could give to any film.)

    I’d like to see everyone else’s rankings and what they thought, because I found it interesting on Twitter how everyone’s rankings were so widely different.

  3. Black mirror is like binge drinking. It’s incredibly enjoyable while you do it, then you feel shitty afterwards but it doesn’t stop you from doing it again.

  4. How is sex with a pig from the uk prime minister not number one not only did black mirror predict it but there epside included a bunch of the same hash tags used when it was revealed the prime minister David Cameron had once put his penis in a pigs head

    • Tony Marshall that was way before the black mirror episode, only came to light when the black mirror episode aired

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