Top 5 Things Fortnite Does BETTER Than PUBG
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Fortnite may be the underdog, but that just means it’s gotta bring more to the table – and thankfully, it does! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 5 Things Fortnite Does Better Than PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Special thanks to the moral and intellectual pillar of our content, Dan Paradis, for coming up with this idea using our suggestion tool at

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  1. you guys DESPERATELY need better and original material your vids are dull lately. Amazingtop10 or therichest are doing a better HELL even planet dolan and I don”t think everything on that channel is even real.

  2. #4 and #2 don’t belong on this list.

    #4 is “More Style.” The topic is about things Fortnite does better. “Style” is not something that is better or worse. It’s merely different.

    #2 is “The Crafting System.” How can you argue that Fortnite does crafting better than PUBG when PUBG doesn’t even HAVE a crafting system to begin with? Are you trying to imply that Fortnite is better BECAUSE it has a crafting system? Because to that I’d also disagree since it is a subjective opinion. I, personally, do not like the crafting elements of the game.

  3. Im not trying to have a boring ass match with everybody laying in fields waiting for someone to move, I like fast paced stuff when RPGS are going out, Snowballs flying in and like 3 squads are battling

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