Top 5 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About South Korea
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With the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang just around the corner, we think it’s only right that you learn a little more about the host country! From cultural practices, to shared fears, to interesting facts, here are some things you can learn about this country. WatchMojo counts down 5 surprising things you didn’t know about South Korea!

#5: Nearly Half the Population Has the Same Name
#4: Many South Koreans Fear the Number Four
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. Ive noticed that the watchmojo don’t gets facts right on the some of the subjects. U folks should do your research a bit better before publishing shiits. If and when you folks want to talk about other race, culture, and etc that is. why don’t you talk about 5 surprising things about black people in the U.S? I dare you to do that yet you are generalizing other country’s cultures? Keep on trucking up~

  2. This video is not factual but based on facts and over exaggerated. the number 4 is considered unlucky in much the same way 13 is considered unlucky in western countries. btw change the clickbait thumbnail “they enjoy crime recreation” come on, how about a hyphen at least ( re-creation ) or even better reenactment. You make it sound like Korean are demented freaks “crime recreation” please!

  3. Fact check from South korean
    5) Yes we do, and Not only marriage or having relationship with same name. at 90~00′ we avoid some names as a husband or wife. Ma, Gol and Pi because these names are considered as the name of Nobi which is slave, some of old people are still don’t like them. oh, and it is illegal to marry with cousin in korea

    4)Yes, we do and we know it’s superstitions but still don’t like four and writting someone’s name with red is not good to. but it doesn’t mean we don’t like red just don’t put it with name then it will be fine.

    3) Yes, we do and we have (may be) the best murderer arrest ratio in the world since 2001 to 2010 we have 99.2% arrest ratio. there are many reason for this but I think the best reason is we are smaller than texas. yes we are very small country.

    2) Yes, we do lots of south korean girls are getting plastic surgery for graduating high school and colleage because appearance is important for getting job yes, it is considered as some kind of specification Not only for that we have very little amount of repulsion to plastic surgery. so like almost other country, it is very controversal topic to feminists and they don’t talk or make something better about it which is what they usually do

    1) Yes we do, and we have other count way which is normal to you, and we call it “Man” (pronounce is mahn)

    and if you come korea for olympics, don’t get your hotel or something near Pyungchang lot’s of hotels are fixing their price ridiculously high, so you better get hotel near seoul and buy train ticket to see olympic.

    • well mojo doing something dumb is not surprise but I don’t think there’s some kind of sensitive subject. if we are talk about ‘sensitive’ subject. it would be korea-japan relation or military duty in korea or jeju island 4.3 massacre something like that.

    • 진주언 thanks JooWon~ I’m a Korean/American from nyc. We are bound to see some of the stupid ignorant peeps here~ and I’m shocked that mojo is dealing with a such sensitive subject of other cultures. Just not smart imo.

  4. 3:05 >Emphasizes MEN getting plastic surgery too
    >Shows footage of things that clearly aren’t men.

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