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Top 5 Secrets for Success in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
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Craving a chicken dinner? We got you covered! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 5 Secrets for Success in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

#5: Plan Your Arrival
#4: Learn How and When to Open and Close Doors
#3, #2 & #1: ???

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  1. You don’t ever want to close doors on Duo or Squad, only Solo. You’ll confuse your teammates and they /will/ waste their time looting what you’ve already looted. @3:16 ; Try not to prone out in the middle of the open where foliage is non-existent or if you don’t have a ridge/cover (That’s honestly how they lost). If you’re 1v1 (2 left; you vs enemy) and don’t have cover, prone out in grass, play circle and wait for the enemy’s mistake. It’s best to play patience & strategy at that point. “Don’t be a coward” – There’s so many passive players in this game, I doubt that will change. Most players are so afraid of dying by other players they’ll die from Blue Zone. To be honest, your Top 5 list could’ve held some better “Secrets”, as roughly the entirety of your list is quite obvious in what to do, even for new players. The best tips to give new/old players: After you’re finished looting, plan ahead. Where will you go? Will you play the playzone edge or go straight in the middle of the playzone and hijack a house/building? Be wise. – Don’t ever prone when you’re getting shot at. Don’t panic. I see A LOT of people do this and I always go “what?” – Do not prone out in the middle of the open where hills or tall buildings are in play from a distance. Foliage disappears and will reveal your position from around 150+ meters (this needs to be fixed tbh). – People have this idea there’s static item spawns in the world, that’s false. Loot is entirely RNG. No matter where you loot, it will be different each session. – Vehicles can make or break you. Only use vehicles if you’re 1km or more from zone, else run if you have enough time. – Drag & Drop looting is faster than the default pickup key “F” or right clicking the loot in proximity. It has always been faster, even after they added an animation to drag & drop looting in early development. Decent video nonetheless. Thumbs Up. o/

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