Top 5 Reasons That Make Elon Musk The Most Interesting Man in the World
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He’s the CEO of SpaceX and founder of Tesla Motors, but what else is this genius up to? In this video we’re asking questions like; Is Elon Musk Deaf? Did he drop out of stanford? What is his networth? What’s his salary? What has he done for Space Travel? What is his opinion on Artificial Intelligence? and many more. So buckle up, and hear some things you didn’t know about this engineering mastermind.

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  1. Nuclear bombs on the poles of Mars? Won’t that spread radiation across the planet? Hey narrator, the word nuclear is pronounced nook-lee-ar, not nook-you-lar.

  2. Reasons That Make Elon Musk The Most Interesting Man in the World

  3. Ok we have to stop right here or everyone will start hating Elon because everyone loves him, Rick & Morty syndrome.

  4. Selling space travel tickets still a thing? Richard branson has been getting rich off of idiots since the 90s with the same scam.
    Pocket the non refundable tickets and kick the can down the road. Genius

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