Top 5 Myths About Weed
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Marijuana, Mary Jane, 420, Ganja, Hash, Cannabis, Doobies, Hemp, Dope, Joints, Reefer, Pot…Should we stop? Whatever you call it, you probably have some opinion on it. In this list we’re asking questions like; Does Weed make you dumb? Is synthetic Marijuana dangerous? Is Cannabis a gateway drug? Is it bad to smoke weed before sex? Does pot make you lazy? And many more pressing questions! So sit back, light up, and grab some munchies.

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  1. Weed helps the economy and local businesses, because you get the munchies and buy a shit load of food. 😋

  2. I don’t know my anxiety depression seems very good today all thanks to cannabis it completely wrecked my life for 6 years I lost everything family friends I’ve been off it for 4 years now and the amount of things I have achieved from being off it is unreal travelling from one side of the world to the other been able to reconnect with my family again I will never go back to that Lonely Place in time but our yeah cannabis cures cancer no it doesn’t it mentally and physically fucks you up and sticks you in a dark depressing Hall

  3. My dad went off on a tangent the other day saying “Marajuana is full of toxins and chemicals, the dealers don’t give a shit”. I fired back with “It’s the same thing with teas dad, everything is full of pesticides now”. Sufficed to say he was quite PO’d

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