Top 5 Myths About The Moon
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You see it every night, but there’s so little you really know about it. In this episode of WM Top 5 Myths, we’re asking big questions like; Does the moon go around the earth in One day? What is a blue moon? What’s the dark side of the moon look like? Do full moons cause strange behavior? Was the moon landing a hoax? and many more!
So gather what you know about that big round thing in space, and let’s dispel it!

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  1. So…. the technology to fake the moon landing didn’t exist 50 years ago, but today we don’t have the technology to go back? Or better yet, cell phones didn’t exist 50 years ago and today I can’t leave city limits without losing a signal. But you know what they did have? The technology to hit what essentially is a moving target and transmit a signal from over 280,000 miles away that managed to be broadcast in every home that had the capability in America. Oh! And Nixon was able to speak to them on a rotary phone! Yup. It all makes sense. Ugh. Do your research, people. Or live your lives being tagged along by the ring in your nose.

  2. Then how do you explain the wind blowing against the flag when there is no wind in space and did you ever think that they did in fact have the technology at the time but they kept it a secret

  3. The moon landing was a hoax. The moon doesn’t have “dust”, it has “gorgonzola” and “mozzarella”.

  4. Do people actually think it takes 24 hours for the moon to orbit the Earth??? Did these people not go to school???

  5. So they found no data to back up the theory from those previous studies. Maybe they just need to do a new study.

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