Top 5 Myths About Superman
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The Man of Steel is one of the most recognizable heroes on the planet, but being famous comes with some misinformation. We’ll be separating fact from fiction as far as Superman is concerned, and clear up some of the long-standing rumors about The Last Son of Krypton and his history.

Top 10 Superman Facts –
Top 10 Characters Who Have Beaten Up Superman –

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#5: He’s Always Been Super Likeable
#4: His Disguise is “Just a Pair of Glasses”
#3, #2, #1: ?

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  1. Superman and Batman are good fictional characters not meant to kill, but writers have the power to make new stories in which they are put to the limit, to make new attractive stories in their own universes, sometimes the writers will make those characters do actions not of their own nature based on exigent circumstances, He-man is also a good character, except he did kill a copy of Superman in order to stop him, writers power to make the story far more attractive and uniquely, where He-Man is force to kill in order to save.
    Superman is vulnerable to Mind Manipulation
    Vulnerable to Magic
    Weaker on other planets(red sun or weaker sun)
    Vulnerable to some forms of kryptonite
    And vulnerable to powerful weapons, and even although he is more powerful in yellow sun he is not invincible, still vulnerable to physical damage but requires far more power to be injure, so if as an example a laser doesnot kill him, eventually a more powerful laser would still cause more damage, or a magic weapon, like He-man sword or Wonder Women sword, or lazo of truth which is indestructible and could be used to strangle superman as he did with Zod.

  2. Superman is so special. Hes both the most overrated superhero and the most underrated. Its ridiculous

  3. LOL to “superman doesn’t kill”. That’s the dumbest thing i ever hear anyone say. That’s like saying, Santa Clause is real, and so is the easter bunny. Retarded and closed minded people believe this lie. Read the comics, and how much destruction is caused by superman. How many people die because of such destruction. How many bad guys he saves only for those same bad guys to kill more. Yes, superman does kill. Even the superman from the 80’s movie killed with a smile on his face while Lois wore heals in fortress of solitude made up of pure ice.

  4. The “myth” about his disguise was a stretch.

    Basically, you’re saying that a lot of people think Superman’s only disguises his face with glasses… But actually it is.

  5. That scream in man of steel was phenomenal when it came to his acting, it was believable

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