Top 5 Myths About Sleep
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Worried you’re not getting enough sleep? Always feeling tired? These myths may give you the wrong impression about your sleep-related health. In this video we’re asking questions like; Can you make up for lost sleep? Is sleeping one long 8-hour period the norm? Are Naps bad for you? Are Early Risers better at performing? Do you need 8 hours of sleep? and many more. So get comfy in bed and watch as we count down these misconceptions.

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  1. top 5 facts about watchmojo
    #1 they are running out of ideas
    #2 they are lying when they say they aren’t out of ideas
    #3 they don’t have very many ideas
    #4 it takes them 12 hours to find an idea for 1 video
    #5 l would be rich if l had a nickle for everytime somebody made this joke.

  2. So if my body tells me to sleep 10+ hours a day is that good?
    In the summer I find I sleep less and need less sleep but in winter I can easily sleep around 10+ hours.
    btw I fucking HATE mornings!

  3. 1: Grave Shift workers always get sleep during the day. We don’t actually, we just take naps and hope for the best.

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